Hotel management

The multiplicity of intermediaries (engines, comparators, social networks and OTAs) operate in all peace. The loss of autonomy of the providers (hoteliers), alone in front of hyper-powerful global operators increase the pressure on the prices. They sow doubt on customer reviews and even offer competition after the customer has made his choice. How, how to maintain and develop customer relations.

How to reappropriate the customer and retain it in:

  • exploiting the volume of data
  • targeting and using predictive tools
  • optimizing customer paths
  • using a PMS in Cloud Computing
  • creating customer relationship with the RMS tool (loung-up, e-concierge)
  • directing messages On functional, emotional and spiritual values Digital marketing, centered on customer satisfaction has become a must.

Inbound marketing allows you to share rich, skilled and unique content. Putting the customer at the heart of the strategy The increasingly mobile customer is permanently connected and can change his mind quickly. Thanks to data processing, the customer’s life cycle must be taken into account before, during and after the stay.