Hotel Consulta seeks to make the complexity of digital marketing a simple tool in its use and effective in attracting and retaining customers


Hotel Consulta is a consulting company which operates on the basis of a network of skills and work with the best specialists and providers of the tourist and hotel sector. Technologies change, aspirations and customer buying behaviors also. The Hotel Consulta was born from the experience acquired over many years thanks to the management and advice provided to the actors of the hotel and tourism. Hotel Consulta proposes and installs with its partners based in Switzerland the applications necessary for the management, communication, reservation and customer loyalty and this fully interfaced, which is unique at the moment.
With its partners, Hotel Consulta also develops and implements state-of-the-art communications solutions for tourist destinations, events, and businesses. Hotel Consulta strives to price prices applicable to each customer’s situation and establishes a relationship based on long-term growth. From diagnosis to the study of a project, from strategic positioning to the realization of innovative projects, Hotel Consulta focuses on the fundamentals of today’s marketing, customer satisfaction, generating positive results.

Avec ses partenaires, Hotel Consulta développe et implémente également des solutions de communication de dernière génération pour les destinations touristiques, les manifestations, ainsi que les commerces.  Hotel Consulta s’efforce de pratiquer des prix applicables à chaque situation de ses clients et établit une relation basée sur la croissance à long terme. Du diagnostic à l’étude d’un projet, du positionnement stratégique à la réalisation de projets innovants, Hotel Consulta se focalise sur les éléments fondamentaux du marketing d’aujourd’hui, la satisfaction de la clientèle, génératrice de résultats positifs.