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Communication événementielle

Event communication

Communication requires special care for the success of each event or festival. L’avènement des réseaux sociaux et les nouvelles technologies de communication facilitent le travail des responsables du marketing. Comment communiquer pour une efficacité optimum pour intéresser et informer les spectateurs ou simples visiteurs. The advent of social networks and new communication technologies facilitate the work of marketers. How to communicate for an optimum efficiency to interest and inform the spectators or simple visitors.

Event communication brings a message to create a strong bond with customers. It begins before, continues during the demonstration and after it. Its goal is to build loyalty and create a community of interest.

To this end, social networks play an important role in making the event known and sharing information with target audiences.

During the event, real-time events are of great importance. The organizer may use videos to communicate effectively with the public. It is also interesting to use Instragram and even broadcast live event on Youtube and Facebook.

By using these communication tools, it becomes easier to tip the event into the world of interactivity.

The creation of a community becomes easier and allows an increase in fidelity. Benefits policy accompanies Internet users in order to be able to rely on a community that will relay messages and information to other future viewers who are happy to distribute information. In partnership with Swiss Helios, Hotel Consulta is developing tools and applications for interactive communication for events that are essential to create public interest and maintain contact with the created community.