A destination, a tourist ecosystem

Faced with exacerbated competition, tourist destinations are increasingly confronted with digital bumps. Gender boundaries are disappearing, visitors are using their smartphone apps. The sectoring of offers is a thing of the past. Place to hybridization where everyone in his place. This movement highlights a breakdown of norms and rankings.

Tourism is fully concerned with removing the boundaries between practice, products and organizations. Tourism professionals adapt to the tastes of the public, hotels reinvent themselves by focusing on the atmosphere and the immersive services by creating spaces of conviviality.

The tourist offices will have to flirt with the trade offices through increased communication. To inform, to communicate, to propose, to guide, subjects widely dispensed by the tourist offices. Why not transform the destination into a large tourist ecosystem where everyone can inform, communicate, propose and guide visitors. This becomes possible with perseverance, method and last generation communication applications.

Why not immerse yourself in community management at the scale of a destination. Hotel Consulta puts in place solutions to give destinations the means to adapt to new technologies.