Immediate information, online sales and digital marketing have changed the way we work. Guests who are sought after by many receive attractive offers. Price reductions of between twenty and fifty percent. This is also done via the sales platforms of the OTAs (Online Travel Agency.).

New service providers such as Airbnb offer a variety of original accommodation, castles, cabins, villas, boats, etc.  There is something for every taste and expectation.

The hotel industry, how can it really keep up?

Your clientele is being wooed! The OTAs are omnipresent!

Consider just a few developments to win back your direct customers and build loyalty.

1. entering the digital age
2. using a ChannelManager
3. suggest a quick check-in to the guests
4. optimize your pricing (yield management)
5. measure your performance regularly
6. use the social networks
7. stay in contact with your customers
8. offer additional services
9. participate in the tourist ecosystem of the region
10. make complete offers in collaboration with the tourist sites in your region.

With our HC Promo Box Pro offers

1. reduce your number of contracts
2. reduce commission payments
3. increase your income
4. improve customer loyal