Nowadays it is more difficult than ever to communicate with our potential customers. At a time when digital possibilities are multiplying, this may seem paradoxical. But the many online booking applications are developing extremely rapidly. Customers are being recruited from all sides, so much so that they are unlikely to make reservations through the hotel’s website. The real advertising challenge for the hotelier is to win back market share in his direct sales. With today’s digital tools, he can create his own advertising and communication agency


The overall strategy is to reduce the number of intermediaries.

Platforms are very useful to attract the attention the guests that the hotel would otherwise never have reached, especially foreign guests. The goal is to keep guests who have booked through a platform and to motivate them to book on the hotel’s own website. We cannot and do not want to work without intermediary platforms! It’s rather a matter of integrating them into the overall sales strategy. The goal of the hotel remains, where possible to market itself directly


By interacting with the guest before and after his stay.

It is about understanding the guest, recognizing his habits and making him understand that we care especially about his wishes and needs.

It sounds as natural as it is theoretical, but technology makes it possible to collect, process and manage information in amazing ways. Nothing is impossible for the hotelier who chooses to be one step ahead.

With this in mind, HotelConsulta has developed its digital solutions: To collect and process information and to establish a positive connection with the guests, such as advertising offers via social networks or personalized e-mails. All this according to the guest’s expectations.

Customer loyalty is one of the keys in the tourism business.